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Compact house structure and preference for medium and small-scale enterprise offices

There are totally 293 Danling SOHO Offices, with a utilization rate of about 70%, mainly including small houses with an area below 100 sqm, accounting for 86% of the total area. The largest house area doesn’t exceed 200 sqm. The unit house plan is regular and several houses may be combined to obtain different areas. The space is very flexible and it is the preferred office place for medium or small-scale enterprises and venture companies.

Rare house structure in Zhongguancun Area, high storey height and free and flexible configuration of the office space

The 2nd floor to the 15th floor are office space, with a storey height of 4.5m for the 2nd floor, 3.7m for from 4th floor to 9th floor, 5.5m for from 10th to 14th floor and 5.4m for 15th floor. The storey height of 5.5m enables free and flexible design of the office space and such product type is very rare in Zhongguancun Business Circle.

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