Core traffic area of Zhongguancun and crossing of double metro lines

It is located in the busy section of Zhongguancun, with convenient traffic of surrounding tracks, reaching Haidianhuangzhuang Station, the crossing of Metro Line 4 and Line 10 after two minutes of walking, reaching Zhongguancun Station on Metro Line 4 within three minutes walking. It is close to Zhongguancun Street and it is fast to reach North Fourth Ring Road, North Third Ring Road and Xizhimen Traffic Hub. Convenient and smooth traffic network enables more convenient business contact with the Financial Street, CBD and the like business circles.


Zhongguancun – the first national level high-tech industrial development zone in China

The area with most dense intellectual resources in China

Zhongguancun Science Park covers the area with most dense science and technology, intelligence, talents and information resources in Beijing, including dozens of Chinese top colleges and universities represented by Peking University and Tsinghua University as well as over 200 scientific research institutes represented by CAS.

Cradle and base for Chinese high-tech enterprises

A large batch of high-tech enterprises such as Lenovo, Baidu, Sina and Aigo grow here, and the top 500 multinational companies are also attracted here, including Microsoft Asia Research and Development Center, Intel Research and Development Center, IBM, HP and the like branches.

The largest electronics trade collection and distribution center in China

Tens of electronics markets are centralized here, including Hailong Electronics Market, Zhongguancun Tech Trade Center, Zhongguancun e-world Electronic Market, Dinghao Electronics City, Pacific Technology Development Center, etc., with daily average pedestrian volume up to over 100,000 persons.

Mature commercial atmosphere

Zhongguancun Business Circle has various large-scale shopping centers, for example, New Zhongguan Shopping Center, Modern Plaza, Shuang’an Department Store, Carrefour, etc., as well as Haidian Theater, Huaxing Cinema, etc., with dense entertainment and leisure atmosphere. Rapidly rising IT stores, office buildings and markets constitute unique business circle in Beijing.

“Engine” for economic growth in Beijing

Currently, Zhongguancun Science Park has over 10,000 high-tech enterprises and preliminarily forms the new industrial structure led by electronic information industry and supported by photo-electro-mechanical integration, biotechnology & pharmaceutical market, new material, new energy and environmental protection technology, with over 20% growth rate for over ten years, as the area with rapidest economic development in Beijing.

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