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Danling SOHO is located in the core area of Zhongguancun in Beijing, with a floorage of about 38,892 sqm, as a comprehensive Class A office building integrating office and business. Zhongguancun area is the gathering place for high tech industries in China, known as “Chinese Silicon Valley”, and Danling SOHO is the only salable intelligent office building in Zhongguancun area.

Core traffic area of Zhongguancun and crossing of double metro lines

It is located in the busy section of Zhongguancun, with convenient traffic of surrounding tracks, reaching Haidianhuangzhuang Station, the crossing of Metro Line 4 and Line 10 after two minutes of walking, reaching Zhongguancun Station on Metro Line 4 within three minutes walking.

It is close to Zhongguancun Street and it is fast to reach North Fourth Ring Road, North Third Ring Road and Xizhimen Traffic Hub. Convenient and smooth traffic network enables more convenient business contact with the Financial Street, CBD and the like business circles.

Architectural Style

Danling SOHO is a modern style building with a little traditional atmosphere and it is simple, elegant and practical from the interior to the exterior, without any sophisticated decorations and redundant components. Danling SOHO has plain and steady appearance, like an engraved seal stone, with a special feeling of return when compared with rows of glass towers representing high tech in Zhongguancun.

Interior Design

The design of the indoor public area fully embodies the people oriented core concept for space design, which not only attracts the people with routine work, but also enables the people to think and sense it. In order to realize this idea, the designers select well-known cartoon elements as a part of the public space decorations and attract the people to stay for a moment with simple and uniform cartoon signs instead of non-verbal text.

Danling SOHO


Danling 街6号